October Amsterdam


October 2016 Bosnia & Herzegovina

Exhibition Notebooks Peer

September 2016 Amsterdam


September 2016 Amsterdam


August 2016 Amsterdam

I created my own see through kiosk.. See through it whatever you want. (It is just a cut out from the paper…easy does it 🙂


August 2016 Amsterdam


July 2016 Portugal

Visited Portugal, mostly Lisbon, over a couple of times now.. I still remember the first time how amazed i was by all the castles and castle walls that still excist

and are conserved so well. Even the flag of Portugal includes a castle. Visiting Sintra over a couple of times now, every time I am taken away by its beauty and authenticity.

Hide & Seek

June 2016 Portugal

It is so funny how little children play hide and seek. They think that when they close their eyes and they don’t see you, they think you can’t see them.

Inspired by this, I drew ‘Hide & Seek’. This creature hidden under his own hair.. every time I am taken away by its beauty and authenticity.

Miss Sees a lot

May 2016 Portugal

One year ago, I went to a clinic to laser my eyes. A total new view on life. I wore glasses since I was 10 or 11 years old and at the end I got almost -6 in both eyes.. Now I wake up in the middle of the night and even in the dark I have a clear view.. It is a miracle really. It feels like I got a pair of new eyes!

Pop out your head

April 2016 Amsterdam

While drinking coffee I get an extra boost.. Looks like my brain starts to work harder and ideas come and go..they keep on popping out. Sometimes too many to handle.. They keep on popping out of my head and if I don’t watch it, they are gone> Draw Deborah Draw! Need to draw them quickly!


March 2016 Amsterdam

 It exists a game in which you can switch the top and the bottom of the animal. For example a crocodile head with an elephant body etc. I created a monkey head combined with a spider body. So many options, so much fun 🙂

Platypus with glasses

February 2016 Amsterdam

Messy Hairy Harry & the Yellow Submarine

 January 2016 Amsterdam

Baby Birthcard Teun

December 2016 Amsterdam

You gotta mix it up

November 2015 Amsterdam

Portuguese tiles

October 2015 Lisbon

Portugal is famous for its beautiful porcelain tiles. Visiting Sintra and seeing all these old antique but also newly designed tiles, I had to design one of my own..

Baby Birthcard Boris

September 2015 Amsterdam


June 2015 Amsterdam

Toco Toucan

May 2015 Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Besides visiting family in Rio de Janeiro

in Brazil, we also travelled.

We visited the Iguazu Falls and a parc full of birds.

Which was nearly as interesting as the falls itself!

A bird grabbed me in my ass with his beak.

(More my thigh..but that doesn’t sound that juicy)

Robot with no arms

March 2015 Amsterdam

Thank you Print & Weddingcard

February 2015 Amsterdam

As a ‘Thank You’ card, I created an artprint in which a lot of characters

used at the website and wedding cards come together at the party.

A memory of the awesome party and beautiful day together.

Telepathic Connection

November 2014 Amsterdam

You don’t always have to see each other, to be connected.

We are in each other heads and we stay connected 🙂


September 2014 Tokyo, Japan

Travelling through Japan was a total different experience than any other country I visited.

Inspired by the differences between its traditional culture

like its many temples and the newest technology

like bullet trains, buildings, its very interesting toilets.

Did you know they use illustrations for almost everything?

A dream coming true. Japan I loveeeeee you!

Ohhh and the garbage bins even look like characters!